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  • Category:The Automative Indian Standard 140 (AIS-140) Device
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  • Project date: 01 Jan, 2022
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The Automative Indian Standard 140 (AIS-140) Device

Nowadays AIS 140 GPS devices like Yestracker GPS are mandatory in all commercial vehicles in most of the states. The AIS-140 directives are that a system for emergency response should be set-up so that it has a facility to communicate with Government control centres as well. All the states must have their own control centres set up or elevate the prevailing ones with the ability to manage the alarms that each device will interconnect. It is the state government’s duty to assure that the control centre is appropriately set up. Accordingly, services such as vehicle tracking and emergency buttons must be installed in all public transport vehicles like buses, taxis, etc. There is also scope for the addition of features such as CCTV or fare collection in future updates. The objective is to provide relief from the congestion due to the increased volume of traffic which impacts each and every individual of the society. The Government of India over the past few years has worked extensively to incorporate components of the globally approved standards of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). This standard makes sure of optimizing the current infrastructure involved in transportation. Automotive Industry Standard-140 or AIS-140 is the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that the Government of India has designed to optimize and secure the efficiency of the transport system in India. Yestracker GPS is also facilitated with AIS 140 device. With ITS, the Yestracker GPS users are able to extract precious information enabling them to utilise various transport systems in an organized manner. This also helps to increase the safety and security factors of the people especially the women and the elderly. Undoubtedly, this design has been proven worldwide to enhance the use of the present transport foundation up to its optimum ability which helps to improve the transport system in its efficacy, value, safety, and security. The implementation of AIS 140 via Yestracker GPS is being done all over the country. One of the major reasons why you need AIS 140 Yestracker GPS vehicle tracker is that, it is now compulsory for all commercial and public passenger vehicles to be fitted with AIS 140 GPS tracking devices since April 2019. Although the entire list of requirements for the component of AIS 140 Yestracker GPS devices compatible systems is a very vast and comprehensive set of instructions, however we can divide the specifications into five categories namely, hardware, software, server, testing and control unit. To talk about the hardware, first of all, a modem (modulator-demodulator) to effectively connect to the system is a must. This is because, without a modem no information can be transmitted to and from the vehicle. Secondly, battery backup of at least four hours is required to support normal operations of the vehicle. Also, emergency Buttons must be included in the vehicle which sends information such as location details to a specified IP Address or in case there is no GPRS connectivity send an SMS. Finally, the device must be resistant to dust, temperature, vibration, water splash and tamper-proof. Coming to the software specifications of the AIS 140 Yestracker GPS device, the details like the device’s configuration and registration must be transmitted correctly using the installed software. In addition, location, vehicle performance, and maintenance and emergency alerts should be enabled. Mpreover, the device should also have the capability to support SMS (Short Message Service). Along with this, the software must be updated regularly with recent developments through over-the-air updates. Finally, the data transmission should be carried out in a safe and secure manner and should send data to 2 different IP Addresses simultaneously. Yestracker GPS AIS 140 standard is primarily used for public transport systems and helps to increase the safety, security, and surveillance in these mediums. Apart from this, the Yestracker GPS AIS 140 device performs, real-time tracking of your vehicle via an application on your mobile phone. It also provides vehicle performance statistics along with the data history. Also, it enables remote engine immobilization at your fingertips accessible from anywhere. Further, it defines Geofences or safe zones on the map. We are concluding with a small note that, with all the thefts, safety, and security issues that we come across every day, it is very essential these days to implement the Yestracker AIS 140 GPS tracking devices, especially for the businesses. This is because it is very important to ensure the safety of your vehicles and your employees. Moreover, it enables you to be compliant with the government notifications along with enhancing the efficacy and productivity of your business in order to build and strengthen relationships with your customers in an efficient and better way. Not only this, but also, it is going to be proved as a very vital for personal vehicle owners.

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