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  • Project date: 01 Jan, 2022
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A good bus tracking app like Yestracker GPS, is the one that tracks the bus in real time enabling the users to see its live location. The tracker app must be one that can be integrated with the vehicle management system. It should be possible to access the application from desktop systems as well as hand-held devices. This will enable all the concerned authorities to track the bus location from anywhere at any time. The tracking app should be capable of providing alerts to the management in cases when the bus deviates from its original route or over speeds. Fleet management becomes simple with an easy to use app like Yestracker GPS. The bus tracking system in buses is highly beneficial for everyone. For example, the authorized bus operators can take corrective action instantly to avoid delays and prevent accidents. The tracking details enable the management to see where their driver is exactly and at what time they would arrive or depart. A good bus tracker app provides high level of security and is easy to use. The app is cost effective, saves time and reduces paper-work. The entire operations of the bus fleet are streamlined by the app making the system efficient. A bus tracking system tracks each bus in a particular vehicle by GPS software installed in it. Yestracker GPS is one such efficient GPS.This system is integrated with the systems in the fleet managers’ office to provide them the real time location of the buses in the fleet. Moreover, monitoring the movement of buses and implementing any changes to the routes can be done easily. Any deviations from the assigned routes are detected and alerted by the system. When buses cross the speed limit, the system warns the drivers and alerts the managers. Automatic routing by the bus tracker app saves distance and time. Maintenance is scheduled and planned, which automatically deducts the breakdown costs and downtime losses. Also, the fuel efficiency is increased saving on fuel costs. Most importantly, the fleet drivers are warned of traffic hazards on the road well in advance by the tracker. They receive alerts for over-speeding, sudden braking and inconsistent acceleration. This helps in reducing accidents and hence insurance premiums are lowered considerably. Tracking the real time location of the bus keeps the authorities informed of the details of boarding, alighting, arriving and departure schedules. A bus GPS tracking system like Yestracker GPS is a software installed in the buses which provides the exact real time location of the buses at any point in time. This software is integrated with the bus managers’ computer network providing them real time access to the data generated. In general, a bus tracking app is driven by GPS (Global Positioning System) technology like Yestracker GPS. The Yestracker GPS system is a receiver that picks up radio signals transmitted by satellites in orbits around the earth. These signals are used to calculate the receiver’s location on the globe by mathematical estimations. The signals received from four or more satellites determine the accurate location. The Yestracker GPS devices are installed in the buses. The devices send their real time location on to a map. Expected time of arrival is calculated on the basis of this data. When the user enters his destination the trip planner shows him the routes and trip options. In addition to getting the time of arrival he sees the bus approaching in real time on the map on his screen. The visuals of the bus give the users a better understanding of how far the bus is and when it will reach the stop. Moreover, the bus tracking app is Yestracker GPS based with real-time tracking. A real time bus tracking system provides live data on the locations of the buses on the different routes at different times. This allows the bus managers to monitor whether the buses are travelling on the routes assigned to them. In case of deviations and when the bus crosses the safe zone prescribed, the system sends an alert to the managers. Interestingly, any obstructions on the route can be ascertained earlier and routes can be changed accordingly to save time. There is an efficient flow of information and direct communication between the fleet drivers and the managers. The bus tracker app can be accessed from mobile phones both iOS and Android. Adding further to the list, the instant notifications sent by the bus tracking system helps the authorities to manage the bus fleet efficiently and effectively.

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